We are Officially a​


Why we joined the Claris Family.

Apple and Claris like simplicity and ease of use which is what we deliver. We want to create products that as one client said: “requires no training to use”. For us, they need to be intuitive.

Like us, Claris understand problem-solvers. At Contract Toolkit we make digital transformation happen through the use of Claris products.

Claris is behind our team and our products, listing our products on their Marketplace.


The advantages of our partnership with Claris, to our clients.

  • Simple to use solutions.

We can assist you in using your existing software stack, gaining all the benefits. Within hours you could have a solution providing you with meaningful data.


  • Mobility.

We love the ability to use iPad’s or tablets to do our work while mobile. The use of a camera can save you so much time.


  • New ways of working.

Through crowdsourcing, we ensure that every aspect of a complex contract is monitored by the most appropriate person in whichever organisation, company or supplier.