What are the strategic risks COVID-19 has forced on your organisation?

strategic risk

You have been working flat out for the last month to keep your business afloat. You’ve racked your brains to generate ideas to pivot your business model to one that can cope with minimum physical interaction with customers, suppliers or staff. Somehow, you are making it through, and you can just about see how you […]


Risks Assumption Dependencies Issues and Opportunities (RADIO)


Most of us would prefer a radio to a raid, especially if the radio provided early warning of an incoming raid, but I’m going to be looking at RADIO in respect of bid or project management. In today’s world, we have all got used to the term RAID and know that we always need to […]


Goodwill Management and The Benefit of Evidence.

goodwill management book

Not long ago, I went to a large multinational bank that had outsourced their CallCenter overseas. All was good and in working order, except for the behaviour of the traders who did not wish to wait on a call to have their computers fixed. They, therefore, grabbed the on-site second line fix technician and demanded […]


What You Need To Know About Contract Procurement Management.

contract procurement management

Contract Procurement management systems follow a logical order. First, you plan what you need to contract; then you plan how you’ll do it. The hope for contract procurement as AI and automation, but it is not a magic bullet. You still need to deal with the basics of defining a vision for what you wish […]