Covid-19 – A virtual water cooler.

Contract Management

In these Covid-19 times, one of the joys that have been lost to social distancing is spending a few minutes shooting the breeze with colleagues.  A short break of apparently inane chatter, through which information is shared and gleaned about feelings, pressures and changes in your organisation. These ‘water cooler’ moments are deceptively important for […]


Covid-19 Contract Management

Contract Management

A common experience of lawyers with years’ coal-face experience is the limitations of “word-smithing” solutions to risks in commercial contracts. There is always the place of the “get out of jail free card”; to protect a business with iron-clad textual solutions. However, with experience comes an appreciation of the wider context and other important tools […]


Contract Lifecycle Management in Higher Education

contract lifecycles

Recently the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management published evidence that stated typical organisations lost 9.2% of the value of contracts through poor contract lifecycle management. Organisations are rightly focused on obtaining the best value for their spend during a procurement process and there is a lot of best practice to ensure that the […]


The surprisingly interesting issue of data awareness.

big data

Big data has captured the zeitgeist – it is the thing to know and understand – our understanding of R seems to be pivotal to so much of organisational life.  However, somehow we have a capacity to be bored by the really really important stuff.  I know that in the past I have fought to […]


Post-Covid -19 what will happen?


Organisations have been spending their time fighting today’s fires and thus have not had the time to think about the future. Luckily there are organisations such as the NEC, IACCM and CIPS who have been spending time, not only thinking about such matters, but more importantly asking their members what they think. In a recent […]


Business contracts ‘an unmitigated disaster’, or a well-managed asset?

business contract

Tim Cummins President of the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), Professor and Chair, International Commercial & Contract Management in the School of Law at the University of Leeds, and the 2019 Financial Times ‘Market Shaper’ Award, recently wrote a blog with the above title citing some work by in which they […]


The future of negotiation?


Negotiation is, like most things in life, undergoing substantial change.  Why?  Well, we have seen over the last decade a move to forms of procurement that do not require any negotiation at all.    Public procurement positively encourages the non-negotiation of contracts: for example, they conduct a competitive dialogue to scope the requirement and thus […]


What are the strategic risks COVID-19 has forced on your organisation?

strategic risk

You have been working flat out for the last month to keep your business afloat. You’ve racked your brains to generate ideas to pivot your business model to one that can cope with minimum physical interaction with customers, suppliers or staff. Somehow, you are making it through, and you can just about see how you […]


Risks Assumption Dependencies Issues and Opportunities (RADIO)


Most of us would prefer a radio to a raid, especially if the radio provided early warning of an incoming raid, but I’m going to be looking at RADIO in respect of bid or project management. In today’s world, we have all got used to the term RAID and know that we always need to […]