Contract Audit

This product is a simple, quick, deceptively powerful review of contacts, governance and compliance


The report not only includes the Executive Summary; analytics on the answers; the actual answers recorded including copies of any photographs. This provides the recipient with the ability to question the interpretation of the actual evidence.

Simple quick and easy to use, please call and ask for a demonstration.

Benefits of Audit

Ease of use:

  • Data gathering is flexible and mobile
    The use of iPad/Tablet enables actual photographs to be taken of the evidence.
  • Structures evidence gathering.

Integrates with onward review processes:

  • Structures evidence for the final review process.
  • Reviewer can access the photographic evidence with ease.

Larger pool of reviewers is available with cross functional flexibility:

  • Reviewer does not need to be specially qualified to conduct review due to the walk-through nature of the product.

Value for money:

  • Significant cost effectiveness through detailed but easy provision of evidence.
  • Avoidance of costs through early detection of non-compliance.
  • Avoids the embarrassment from a negative review by an external party.